Saturday, June 20, 2009

More 27 things

Have gone back and worked on delicious book marks, and been having fun, trying to find all of the goodies.

Went to the web 2.0 and found some of the links. Followed somebody to Galaxiki, decided that was so much fun, that I bought a sun, named it and am collaborating with a few co-workers on establishing the solar system, and the perameters. They in turn, have passed on the information. So, who ever you are, that found that link, 1 billion thanks from those of us who followed it. May your Universe be strong.

Better news. My mother is 78 years old, and I introduced her to some of the things that we have been doing, and she has joined flickr, and is learning to upload photos. She is not sure of blogging yet, but she can do that on her yahoo account. She and my sister are also doing more blogging. She has also learned about instant messaging, and has been playing with that, too.

I will still need a dansk translater for the one that my brother-in-law sends me. He does most of his blogging about books he owns or is currently reading in Danish.

Playing on Google Docs, is a lot of fun. Most of the WORD commands work well on google docs.

Trying to get my niece's blog, to link, but still working on that. I will have to contact her again, for more updates.

The things that I have learned, perseverance. Keep working at the project untill the effect that you want is achieved. Mistakes do not matter, as long as you have learned from them.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Week 10 Already


Where has the time gone. I still have a few things to back track on, but not many. Been playing on Google docs. and been having fun while doing that. and if I am not careful, time will get away from me.

Not planning on doing twitter. No time to maintain. Life interferes.

Have read thw web 2.0 and the Library 2.0, enjoyed thoroughly. Working on spanish language on mango, and on learning express for excell and word 2007, need more work on publishing and powerpoint.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

27 things

I know I got lost a few times, but discovering the way back is so much fun. I have been working on tagging photos on flickr. Been working on rss feeds, still learning though. I have done the downloads to desk top and to mp3 player. Have read several interesting articles on the Library 2.0 and the Web 2.0. I have yet to have the time to write a full report of anything that I discovered. But, the discovery was fun too.

Have worked on the spl sandbox, but not done too much yet. Interuptions galore. Need to reboot computer at home, again, in order to have more time to devote to these blogs, and some of the other interesting things that have been happening.

I have more photos to upload to flickr, just have to have the time. Still have not figured out how to do multiple uploads of photos, but will still play at trying. ( I think that playing and/or trying is half of the fun / battle, your choice)