Saturday, August 8, 2009

flickr uploads

I have been having fun with flickr. I just uploaded some of the Photos that I took of the Program at North Sacramento Hagginwood Library. I took them on August 6th, but I had goofed, and my Camera says that they were taken on the 5th.

Captain Jack Sparrow made a visit to the Library, and read a story and entertained the children and the adults.
The photo is not all that large, but You can get the idea. I good time was had by all.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Completion of 27 things

The only thing that Ihave not done is Twitter. I do not have the time. I have had fun with some of the sights and the links that that I have discovered with the help of others.

I have reported some of the successes and failures in some of my other blogs. Mom is still trying to figure out some of the things, but she is working on it. She has learned how to retrieve some of the photos that I had sent her in earlier e-mails, and save them to a photo album. She is still trying to choose which photos to upload, and when she decides, she will call me and we work long distance to upload her photos.

She has enjoyed the learning experience and trying to follow what we are doing. I will have to send her the links again. This time, she might actually sign up to follow us.

For the cat lovers out there, I posted three photos of my Josie to "I can has cheezburger" for the LOL program.

For the dog lovers out there, I am looking for a good dog to photograph so that I can post that to "I love hot dogs" site. This is a companion site to the site that is so humerous.

A group of us are still playing on "Galixiki" and having fun doing it. I have used one of the photos as wallpaper on my computer at home.

I am Still playing with Google Docs. and having fun doing it.

Decided to go to pro level on Flickr as I have been having too much fun uploading photos. Only had room for 12 more photos. Now can do unlimited.

I will be adding more photos later to blog re statefair sock program and some of my prototypes.

All I have time for now.