Sunday, August 16, 2015

Photo of just a few of the suicidal cyclists.

I was looking out the hostel window and I saw all of these going against the traffic and traffic signals in Chicago.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Adventures in Travel.

Amtrak staff were lovely, warm and inviting, in spite of the problems entailed.

Due to air conditioner problems in the dining car, the train was 3 and 1/2 hours late in Sacramento, California.  We had to stop twice for track inspections and a freight train,  When we were leaving Reno, Nevada, the car stopped suddenly and we stayed there for 30 minutes.  Later, we got delayed again, due to track inspections and electrical problems on the train. So, I got to see Salt Lake City in the morning a little after sunrise, rather than evening just before sundown.   We were four hours late in Salt Lake City, Utah. About and hour and a half west of Denver, Colorado; we were stopped again, due to their being an accident in the tunnel ahead of us, and emergency vehicles were on the tracks inside the tunnel. We were delayed another hour and one half there.  We were 6 and one half hours late getting into Helper, Utah.  We were roughly 6 hours late all the way to Omaha, Nebraska.  Then, before we got to Lincoln, Nebraska; we had to stop the train in Denton, Nebraska; and wait for new engineers and conductors, lost about another 45 minutes there.  Then we lost electrical power again, and again, and again, Finally near Osceola, Iowa; the engineers had to take one of our engines out of service.  Since the Train was full, and we were now 8 hours behind schedule, everybody either missed their connecting trains; buses; or planes and room reservations.  I found the Hi-Chicago Hostel with the help of Amtrak Chicago Staff members,  Dormitory room only thing available, but room was fantastic, help even more so,  If you are ever in Chicago, and need an inexpensive place to stay, where the desk is open until 3 am, the Hi-Chicago is the place to stay.  On my return trip through Chicago, I will  Make a reservation for this place and stay here again.  This will be my NEW place to stay in Chicago every time I have an overnight layover.

Next is the suicidal cyclists here in Chicago,  In a 30 minute period, I saw 14 cyclists going the wrong way, on a oneway street.  I was surprised that no police officers ticketed them, nor that there were no accidents.  I have pictures of a couple of the cyclists that I will post later and reference to this blog.

I  have a few nice scenery pictures to post that I will do at a later date.

Watch for more information.