Saturday, September 19, 2015

More photos from Wiscon
Hey I used to get a lot of lake trout just around the point in this photo.  Right under the tree was a good place to catch perch.  That is the left corner of a small bay on what is now called Church Pine Lake, out of Osceola Wisconsin.  Spent 7 years swimming, fishing, boating, ice skating, and ice fishing on this lake.

 I used to swim across the lake, or row the boat across the lake, to attend events held in the church under the steeple.

  Unusual fungi found on tree in Rib Mountain State Park

 Just one of the views from the top of the old fire lookout tower on the top of Rib Mountain

  Me not bad for almost 63 years old,  I have asthma, copd and a real bad foot, and this is about 60 feet high, climbed 5 flights of stairs to get up to this point.  View was worth it.  Could see for almost 50 miles in any direction.


Monday, September 14, 2015

more photos from my trip to Wisconsin and Minnesota

Crossing the river in Milwaukee while on the Empire Builder Train out of Chicago.

Birds that I have seen

While I was riding in the car with my sister and going to the various cemeteries where family members are buried, I did some bird watching.  I also did see a lot through the windows of the Amtrak train I was riding in.

Below is just the partial list of birds and animals that I spotted.  Birds spotted

Sand Hill Cranes;  western side central of Wisconsin,  Boy were some of them big.
Red crested woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker
Humming birds,  Rufus, Anna’s and unknown  
Canada geese
Herons  Great Green, and Great Blue
Mallard Ducks
Wild turkeys
Bald eagle
Turkey Vulture
Peregrine Falcons    Giant Female
Falcons:  A Pair of Gyrfalcons in Northern Wisconsin. Wow was up between Spooner and Minong Wisconsin that I spotted this Pair.  some Merlin’s by the markings too.
Hawks: coopers, red tailed, Harriers,
Golden Eagle  In the Sierras, going and coming back.
Cliff Swallow, Barn Swallows
Bittern along the streams and rivers, Colorado and Wisconsin
House wren
Sea Gulls, all over Green Bay, wis.
Swans in Colorado and Northern Wisconsin  Large Black Swans,  Colorado River in Colorado, Platte River in Nebraska and in small ponds in Northern Wisconsin. Had Trouble Believing what I was seeing.  Was verified by other people.

For Wild Animals Spotted.
Black Bears a pair, a mom and yearling, were crossing a field
Black squirrels
Red squirrels
Grey squirrels

Squirrels, red and grey



Kansas:  saw beefalo, cross between angus beef and buffalo, was really neat.

I was able to verifiy some of these in a Sibley's Bird book too.